Wet Plate Collodion • Positive

In this workshop, students will learn how to create one-of-a-kind tintypes and ambrotypes.

This is a hands-on workshop, the participants will produce their own collodion wet plates passing through all the fundamental stages of creation: pouring collodion on the plate, sensitizing, exposing, developing, fixing and varnishing.

A big importance will be given to the studio work. Using both continuous and strobe lights, the participants will be able to experiment studio lightning for wet plate collodion photography.
Outside natural light will be an option too if the participants are interested, weather permitting.

We will be using original wood wet plate cameras, equipped with antique brass lenses. The cameras, chemicals and materials will be supplied but the participants can use their own cameras if desired,  4x5 and 8x10 wet plate holders will be provided, suitable for modern cameras (Spring back / Graflex)

As a last step, the participants will learn how to scan and digitally archive their wetplates with a professional scanner and a digital reproduction camera.
The participants will go home with the plates made during the day.



Shooting Fujifilm FP100
Positive Transfer / Reclaimed Negative

Shooting Polaroid films
Emulsion Lift / Manipulation / Experimental Painting



POLAROID Black & White / Color 8X10


The 8x10 Polaroid large format film is an incredibly beautiful instant film. Impossible Project brought back to life this film and today the new Polaroid editions of both Black & White and Color emulsions are giving great results.
In this Workshop we'll learn how to shoot the 8x10 film using professional large format cameras and how to develop the instant films using original Polaroid processors.